Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Over-the-Hill Gang in the Waiting Room

Today in a waiting room at the Wellstar Hospital complex THE VIEW came on TV.  The View ladies started out talking about gun control and the Newtown shooting.

There were other men and one woman in the room.  We are all retirement age and we all have gray hair.  The below are actual quotes of the three strangers interacting.

One of the men said those stupid women did not know what they were talking about and neither probably ever even touched a gun.  He said "us Southern Boys" grew up loving guns and playing cowboys and indians.

One said he had news for those crazy women on TV, guns don't kill people, people do.

The other two agreed.  One said he never seen a gun walk up to somebody and bend over and shoot them.  They all agreed. 

One said the wise thing to do was to buy two guns.  One legal one and one illegal one.  Then, when "they" come to pick up the guns give them the legal one and they won't know any better.  They all chuckled over that.

One said every American should join the NRA.  The NRA is number one in protecting Americans' rights.  Show them support.  And besides, one added, they have a good magazine you will get with your membership, and they know some PREEE-TY important people.

Then the talk drifted to know your gun and how to use it, you may have to use it someday.  And, have a healthy fear of it.

One of the men said he has a healthy fear because he knew what a gun can do in the hands of someone that didn't know what they were doing.  He said, "My brother was shot by our father's gun.  He got it out playing with it when it went off."


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