Thursday, December 13, 2012

Checking Out LAWLESS

LAWLESS is a movie based on facts of the moonshine business in Franklin, Virginia, during prohibition.

It is action packed and bloody and of course the family of outlaws are the heroes.

The story was written by Matt Bondurat, grandson of one of the Bondurant brothers in the moonshine business.  It is sort of funny, Matt, I'm sure,  got most his information from his great uncles and grandfather.  It is apparent they painted the head Revenuer as Satan, plalyed by Guy Pearce.  He looked evil and reeked evil.   I was expecting him to spin his headand upchuck green vomit he was so evil. He did not have one likable qualilty, even Will Rogers would have disliked him if they had met. 

And of coursr the moonshiners were just family with good hearts who were just trying to make a honest living.  Seriously, there was no work to be had in that area and tilme.  Moonshining was about the only kind of work available.  It was either that or starvation.

The people who made the props such as old country houses and barns  should get credit for their craftsmanship.

I think it was pretty good or at least not all that bad.

Get the picture?

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