Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Is My 5000th Post!!

True, this is my 5000th post!  I have been posting since December of 2006 and I hit the 5000th post with this. Really!  I am as surprised as you.

If you don't beleive me, count them.  Go ahead.

Of course a large percentage of the posts might be pieces of shit....

But from time to time someone complements my work on my blog.   I love every complement I get. Let me give you my theory about that:  Once someone said that if you put an infinite number of chimpanzees banging on an infinite number of typewrtiers (or now keyboards) one of them will surely type a great novel. 

In the Navy late a night I would listen on the radio to a New York City station in the late hours or wee hours in the morning to Jean sheperd.  You may remember Jean Sheperd as the one who wrote A CHRISTMAS STORY that is played over and over on Christmas Day.  Back then on his radio he just talked and talked.  Sometimes it was his political opinions, sometimes reviews, most of the time memories, and if he ran out of things to talk about he played his kazoo until he thought of something.

When I started doing this blog I vowed to myself to produce at least one post a day, and sometimes more than one a day.  How hard could that be?  Jean Shepard did it!  I thought I would give it a try, even if I didn't have a kazoo.

So!  With 5000 blogs, all of them can't be bad.

Thank you for reading this ill-sorted junk!


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