Friday, August 17, 2012

This RR Crossing Brings Out a Chuckle in Me

This is Whitlock Avenue crossing the railroad Tracks.  You can see Dupre's Store, which used to be a farmers' general store now is an antique store.  Dupre's is on the east side of the tracks.  The picture was taken from the west side of the tracks.

One Friday evening about 1960, give or take a year, my late friend Larry H. was giving his little sister and her friend a ride to the Marietta High School football game. 

They were stopped on the east side because a train was blocking Whitlock Avenue.  They were stopped about where the white X is in the picture above.

The train's dining car was just even with the west bound lane.  People in the dining car were having dinner, eating, chatting, smoking good cigar, sipping wine, and whatever else people do dining, when one looked out the window and saw a 55 or 56 black Chevrolet with a young man behind the steering wheel and next to him were two moons staring at them.  Before long everybody in dining car were staring in disbelief.

I chuckle to myself just about every time I cross over those tracks and remember that incident.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What memories that photo brings back. One of the rituals after school everyday was to walk to Athertons for a burger and applepie "a la mode". No wonder I got fat

11:56 AM  

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