Saturday, August 11, 2012

John Hunter's Cabin

I find this picture of this cabin very restful to my mind. It was built by my g-g-g-grandfather John Hunter (1775-1858) in about 1838, in Union County, Georgia, about 10 miles south of Blairsville. John and his family moved from North Carolina because of the tax of the whiskey he made for the market.

I have visited this cabin several times over the years and always found it interesting. Once with my boys we found a long snake skin molted in the uneven rocks that made fireplace.

A couple years ago the house was to be bulldozed away for a developer. My distant cousin Charlie Hunter stepped and in bought the cabin. He had it disassembled, numbering and cataloguing each item.

I don’t think it has been reassembled yet. I think they plan to put it near the Old Choestoe School which will be a museum one day, so I heard.


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