Thursday, August 30, 2012


Tuesday I spent a couple hours in the Cancer Center of Wellstar Hospitals waiting area.  I wasn't the reason we were there.  It was someone else we carried.

In a chair near me was a small female, dark hair, and dark skin.  I thought she was probably decended from Far Eastern Indians.  But somehow she did not have the Indian humble speech roll.  Her speech pattern was very much New Jersey or nearby.  I thought she was about 12 years old.  She is 35.

We were sitting in front of a TV.  I commented on the fierce weather and hoped it wouldn't do any damage like Katrina.  She told me it wouldn't, as hurricanes go, it was the weakest.  She sounded educated and knew what she was talking about.

Because also the Republican Convention was also on the news, I told her I was outside the convention hall in Atlantic City, on the Boardwalk when Lyndon B. Johnson accepted the Democratic Nomination for President, and it was his birthday, I added.  She said her grandfather was there too!  Same place, and still talks about it.

Evidently I still do too.

I told her I was stationed in Lakehurst, New Jersey, only about 40 miles from Atlantic City.  She said her grandfather was also in the Navy then, she didn't remember where he was stationed, but it was in the middle of New Jersey.  Lakehurst is the only Naval base I know of in the middle of New Jersey.

Here is the clincher:

I mentioned I retired from the U.S. Postal Service - I knew it was coming:  Grandaddy did too.  She told me worked in central Atlanta and transferred out to a branch, but still part of the Atlanta Post Office.  I worked at the Atlanta Postal Service for about 13 or 14 years then transferred to Marietta, which was not part of the Atlanta Post Office.

At Lakehurst, New Jersey and the Atlanta Post Office  there is a good chance I knew this guy, if not by name, by facial recognition.  It is a small world.

Back to the 35 year old granddaughter:  It occurred to me that she probably has cancer.  I broke off our conversation and said, "How are you doing?"  

She said, "Great!"  She smiled most the time she talks.  I beleive her.

They called her name and she told me it was nice talking to me and she left.

About 20 minutes I got a call  on the cell phone to move the car around to pick up my passengers.  As I was leaving the little lady was walking out  same time.  We walked out together.  I asked her did they give her radiation.  She said they gave her a transfusion.  She said she comes in ever-so-often for a transfusion.  Maybe that is why she is so upbeat, she is happy to be alive.

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