Sunday, August 05, 2012

SUNDAY FUNNIES! Bijou Comcis - Mr Natural/Skip Williamson

Here is another chapter of BIJOU Comicbook.  This time it is a takeoff on Robert Crumb's MR. NATURAL by Skip Williamson.

About ten years ago Skip Williamson, his lovely wife Harriet, and their twin daughters moved to Marietta.  I got to know Skip and his family. He was very accessible to his fans.  I hope also that we became friends.  That is what friends do isn't it, visit for endless hours and mooch beer?  That is what I did to Skip to show our friendship.  When one of my fellow underground comic fans (Bluto) found out I was  visiting Skip he flew all the way from L.A. for me to introduce them.  Skip has moved on to someplace else now.



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