Friday, August 10, 2012

The Delivery Man and the Concord Witches

Yesterday a delivery man brought us a product we bought.  While here for a short time we made small talk.  He saw some vintage pictures of Marietta on our walls and made a comment.  He said he grew up in Smyrna.

I told him when we first got married we lived near Smyrna at Hurt and Hicks Roads.  He asked me did I ever see the big house just down the road from there.  I have.  He said that was his grandfather's house.  I told him I watched his house being built and used to ride my motorbike on his grandfather's back property.

Then we "name dropped" various landmarks in the area we both knew of - I suppose we were showing the other just how well we knew the area.  I mentioned a certain cemetary within a short distance of the Concord Covered Bridge.

He instantly said, "The Witches' Cemetary!"   I was just about to say it is rumored that a witch is buried there. 

I more or less said, "Witches?  As in 'more than one witch?'".  He said yes, several are buried there.

He told me of the oldest witch buried there, and that was the one I was thinking of.  Then he told me of two others, once as recent as his ex-girlfriend's aunt.

I mentioned that one time recently I was in the area and thought I would drop by the cemetery and take some pictures of the supposedly witch's grave but there was a fence around it with a gate.  I said I had read about the fence, it is to keep vandals of the witch's grave out.

With a straght and sane looking face he asked me did I notice something on the fence, I didn't quiet catch the word he said.  No, I didn't.  Still with the sane got-it-together face he told me it is meant to keep the Satan's workers' spirits in the fence, not vandals out.


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