Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Egypt The Belly Dancer

I have already blogged about going to the Georgia Symphony Orchestra Jazz Concert on the Marietta Square this past Saturday night.

What I failed to mention that others things were going on at the Square as well.  For instance on top of the Strand Theater on their lookout patio was a rock and roll band, which for a while we thought it was going to compete with the sounds of the jazz concert, but I think they stopped just before.

And next to the Strand a new Egyptian Restaurant opened up.  I didn't retain the name of it.  This location  has specialized in Eastern Mediterranean food for many years.  When it was Turkish we went there several times.  When we went then there was a belly dancer.  There is still a belly dancer at the current restaurant.

Once during the concert I had to pee badly, left my seat and went towards the row of porto- Johns.  On the sidewalk in front of the Egyptian restaurant was a belly dancer with her clicker in her hand. Her  belly and torso were dancing away.

With the visual mumbo-jumbo movement of the camera it looks like I may have joined her.  No, I just had to pee real badly and had to get around her without stuffing a few dollars down her waistband.



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