Thursday, August 02, 2012

Moon - Johnson- Stocks

The above house/building was Moon's Store on Roswell Streetat one time.  Then it was Johnson Tire Company.  I don't know if Stocks named it Johnson Tire Company or if they bought it from Johnson and just didn't change the name.

Not too long after it became a tire company they built a long brick building.   The Big Apple Grocery Store was just up the street a lot or two.  Mrs. Stock walked up to the Big Apple on Saturdays and bought groceries.  A carry-out-clerk would carry her grocerie all the way to the store and into the building and put them in her office.  Most of the carry-out-boys avoided being near the front when it was time to carry her groceries - she was not known for giving big tips, if any at all.  But I didn't mind.  I gave me a chance to smoke on the walk back. 

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