Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ghosts Arouond Us

Yesterday at lunch Anna and I ate at Wendy's on Canton Road. 

Wendy's is on the corner of Canton Road and Chance Road. Anna's uncle and his family lived on the other corner of Chance and Canton Roads., where Frankie's Italian Restaurant is now. The first time after we were married we visited them we drove up in their driveway behind their house and I had to refocused - in front of me, hung up in the air somehow was a huge hog with his belly split open. They had just killed it and was ready to package the parts up. It was a cold mornng. It was a first time I saw a pig between death and pork parts.

As we were eating I noticed across from Wendy's parking lot is an office building that has been there a long time.

Back in early spring of 1979 there was a dentist office in that building.  I remember one day a deputy sheriff brought some inmates in to have some dental work.  One of the inmates grabbed the deputy's gun and started shooting.  A number of people died.

The inmate escaped and Canton Highway was locked down with police checking every place possible. 

Across from and down the street from Wendy's is a KFC.  Next door was a free standing shoe store.  That is where they found the escpaped inmate hiding in the shoe store's dumpster.  It is now a store that specializes in dance apparel.  I could see both stores from or table.

I remember the prison escape incident happened in early Spring 1979 because my son Adam was born in May 1979.  When the fugitve hunt was in full force Anna was attending a child birth class at Noonday Baptist Church.  The police came there looking all around.

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