Friday, February 18, 2011

Videos Two Days Late

The above videos were taken at most recent weekly GOBAG meeting. One is us and the next one is us singing happy birthday to Harry.

The Excuse:

I would have published this Wednesday Morning the 16th but YouTube did not give their approval or release it until Thursday, almost noon, the 17th.

YouTube turned down one of my videos recently because they said there might an infringement on copywright laws. The video was still pictures of all us old men who used to be teenagers at mostly Marietta High School. I selected Billy Joe Royal's DOWN IN THE BOONDOCKS and I KNEW YOU WHEN. It is a shame they turned it down because most of the people in the pictures personally knew Billy Joe when we were infesting the area as teenagers. HE KNEW US THEN.

It seems YouTube holds my submissions a little longer now, maybe for for scrutiny.

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