Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Congressman John Lewis and Us

Today President Obama is presenting Congressman John Lewis the Medal of Freedom Award.

One of my sons and I played a small fragment in John Lewis’s life years ago. I doubt if the congressman remembers it.

We were at a Sprayberry High School related banquet at a ball room of a Atlanta hotel. I don’t remember the details but the fragment went something like this:

We were in an elevator and John Lewis stepped in, nodded at us and pressed the button for the floor he was getting out at. When he stepped out, we both agreed it was THE John Lewis. We pressed the button at the next floor. The elevator let us out at the next level and we ran at full speed down the corridor and ran down the stairs to the next door, which was the same one John Lewis got out on.

We bounded out of the stairwell door and intl the corridor, up the hall about halfway was the congressman walking towards us.

We casually nodded at him and he nodded at us as we passed.

I wonder if Congressman Lewis realized he just left us in the elevator behind him?

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Blogger El Postino said...

Probably not. I mean, you all look alike.

8:54 PM  

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