Monday, February 07, 2011

Harpo and Shirley

Not long ago on this blog I said UNCLE JOHN’S BATHROOM READER 2011 PAGE-A-DAY Calendar said that Tuesday is the most productive day or the work week.

I, with nothing to base this on but a wobbly mind, would like to ad that I bet the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday is the most unproductive day of all the year work days. Because: hangover, wanting to talk about the game, sick from pigging out on finger foods, or called in.

Speaking of UNCLE JOHN’S tear a page a day calendar, there is always a little interesting fact at the bottom of the page. Today it says, “HARPO MARX ONCE TRIED TO ADOPT SHIRLEY TEMPLE”. That is all it says, as usual, it gives you a statement of fact and leave you hanging.

If people who read that are familiar with the Marx Brother movies and Harpo’s character was horny and relentlessly chasing women the first thought in one's mind might be, “Pervert! Pedophile! ”

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