Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Tuesday GOBAG - Sun and Song

Today is Thursday, but our meeting was Tuesday. “So, how come the video is not available until now?”, you may ask. Well, as I said before, there is a two to three, sometimes four day delay for certain people at youtube to look at it to make sure it is not infringing on any copyright, offensive, or obscene.

It used not take so long, but it does now. Maybe they are backed up or something. Who knows?

The meeting was nice and sunny so like seals looking for a rock to sun themselves on, we found a picnic table out of the shade.

Monty was a multi-tasker. He was having the upper part of the American Legion painted and he also cooked. He cooked hotdogs, chili, and coleslaw.

He asked me to be the first to taste the chili and coleslaw to see what I thought. Because sometimes on my blog I mention going to different eateries he figures I have a good taster.

By the way, the chili and coleslaw were delicious. He puts much thought into how he prepares his food to get the most tasty taste out of it all.

And I was the official taster! Man! I felt complemented! And I get to taste everything first too! Just like the official royal taster for Kings!!! Wait! Then it occurred to me why they had Royal Tasters for kings. Hmmmm.

The talk was nice and the Happy Birthday song we sung Sandy was meant to be nice, the good intention was there and so was the gusto, the only thing missing was a tune.

Sandy doesn’t get to come down from her home in the mountains on Tuesday evenings as often as she did last year. She is a dancing instructor on Tuesday nights. I wonder if she is a fun-loving gentle dance instructor or a strict dance instructor? I wonder if she carries a little whip to show she means business?

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