Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Another Winter Blast Predicted for Tonight

The above picture is by my friend Joe Jenkins. After the last snow Joe went downtown Marietta to the top of Cobb County Government parking deck and photographed this picture. I like the picture because of its panoramic view (when you click on it); the snow on Kennesaw Mountain; and the steeples. Also, the picture gives the impression that we are almost at the foot of the mountain and actually we are over a mile away, maybe two.

Yep, the weather prediction is another winter blast tonight. It is predicted to be not as bad as our last blast, only an inch or so of snow.

I bet Groundhog General Beauregard at this very moment is pacing back and forth in his burrow wondering should he make an amendment to his earlier prediction or deny making it at all, politicans do that all the time.

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