Monday, September 06, 2010


The picture above - why do some people, when they see something praising the working class they scream "Communists!!" ?

I have some good news for David Poe, Sam Huff, Williamson Brothers, Slopes family, Old South BBQ family, Smoking J’s, Smokey Bones, and Eat Good BBQ Here. The good news for these fine folks is that I am no longer a threat to them when it comes to cooking baby back ribs.

Of course, they may ask, “Was he ever a threat?” Well, that is immaterial now isn’t it?

I cooked a rack of ribs about twenty years ago and made a mess. I waited and tried again this past weekend. I made another mess. The ribs were hard and burned to a crisp.

I researched how to cook baby back ribs looking at Google and the Food Channel website. There were many variations but all agreed to cook them long and slow at a low heat, which I did. They also all agreed that when you can easily pull a bone out, then the ribs are ready.

I kept my grill between 225 and 275 as they all said. I waited and waited, checking every fifteen minutes. Hours went by and it never got to the point that I could easily pull out a bone. It was dried and crusty black before I finished with it.

I guess I’ll stick to turkey dogs, turkey burgers, and steaks.

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