Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Exclusive Chicken-Fat Reading Clubhouse

I recently discovered there is another reader of Chicken-Fat who works in Villa Rica, Georgia. This one is a male. The other Villa Rica Chicken-Fat reader is a female.

I wonder if they are fans? Or are they critics? Or do they read Chicken-Fat neither as fans or critics, but as researchers. They are looking for me to mess up so they can run and tell somebody I was talking about them in a bad way and maybe the people they tell sue me and they will get a percentage. I know how people are!

Whether they are fans, critics, or researchers I think they should meet weekly and discuss my writings and swap notes.

Just think, there are so many readers of Chicken-Fat in Villa Rica they could fill a house up from wall to wall. *

*Providing the house is a co-ed two-seater.



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