Wednesday, September 08, 2010

All GOBAGs Either Present or UnAccounted For

This video is a little different than most of the videos on because I am in it. Usually I am on the other side of the camera, but this time one Paul Roper commandeered the camera for a cllip.

Our GOBAG meeting was nice. They are always nice. There was nothing big going on. I think each of us and/or have our ailments and complaints but keep our bitching to a minimum. We joined two round tables together at the American Legion and talked about our Navy years, other friends not there, restaurants, and a few adventures or mis-adventures.

I got one historical fact straight during our meeting. Back at the Cobb County Fair in about 1958 or 59 a group of Marietta High boys went into a hoochee-choochee show at the carnval part of the fair. The girl did not strip all the way, almost. I heard Arnold G. demanded that the girl strip completely or they, he and his freinds, would topple the tent poles and bring it down. For over 50 years I have thought it was Arnold. Why not, he was big and bold. He Arnold was sitting next to me, so I asked him was. He said, "No, it was Lawton." Lawton was also big, ballsy, bold, and brash. That made more sense. Now, that historical fact has been settled.

That also spurred somebody else to remember a stripper another time at the carnival where a girl, stipped naked, lit a cigar, dropped it, and squatted down and picked it by her "gripper". He even remembered her name. He said then she put it in her mouth and smoked it! As if that was the punch line. I said I heard that she also, when she was holding it by her "gripper" she made it puff smoke! That was a God-given talent.

In earlier times we might have been sitting around a pork barrel at a general store. It is a pleasure to see them every week. We have a revolving door of about 30 to 40 that come or don't come every week. Our little band of light drinkers are a holdover from our teenage years. We cling to our memories by clinging to our old friends. It is sort of like a Beer Fountain of Youth served with Cheetoes.

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