Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On this Date In History, September the 28th

On this date in 1850 Flogging in the US Navy and on merchant ships was abolished.

Which, I’m sure it was abolished in the postal system of the time too. This reminds me of an incident in the post office in the late 1960s.

At the Parcel Post Annex in Atlanta there was a supervisor named Barnwell. Anew mailhandler was assigned to Barnwell to work on the loading dock. Apparently, a mistake was made by the new man and a dispatch of some mail was not sent in time. Barnwell got reprimanded by his immediate boss. Barnwell was telling one of his men about the situation and said he should kick the new man’s ass. Denard told him not to worry about it, he would take care it.

Denard took the new man around back and kicked his ass.

Barnwell got reprimanded again.

Later I got to know Barnwell better and I bet it was all Barnwell’s fault. He was not a detailed man. And saying something like that around a crazed lunatic like Denard was just plain not-paying –attention- to- how- people- are as you can get.

Al Capp, (Alfred Gerald Caplin) creator of the LI’L ABNER comic strip, was born this date in 1909.

I am rereading the daily LI'L ABNER comic strips from the first one to the lastone for the 4th time now. It put such a good satire and farce of modern society it is worth the time – in case I missed something.

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