Sunday, September 12, 2010

SUNDAY FUNNIES - Double Feature of QUIPS!

These quips are from MAD #13. Editor Harvey Kurtzman always claimed with MAD he was one artist short. First we will do the letter page, then on to the quips, which are photos, to make up for that one artist short claim.

I don't know of any one who can predict the future, certainly not Harvey Kurtzman. You can look at his career time-line and see he had no idea about his future. But, with that said, with the above, he was the only writer of MAD at that time, he gave us a hint of his future: HELP magazine which he would be editing in the future used plenty of quipt style pages. They were cheap!

Also note that the HELP quips are bolder and maybe even controversial. The MAD ones were, well, comicbook limited.

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Blogger El Postino said...

My favorite Kurtzman quip from Help! is the photo of Khrushchev and Castro hugging, and Khrushchev saying, "Later, you mad fool!"

11:12 AM  

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