Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Horse is a Horse, of Course

While googling Catherine the Great for a good picture I came across this the above, which is probably best represents her reputation.

On My and Willow’s walk this morning on my ipod I listened to a download from NPR about Catherine the Great of Russia and her lovers. And boy, did she have them! The last one, was about almost 40 years her junior.

Apparently, she preferred carnal knowledge with very and powerful intelligent men – except, just maybe the last one. That is because possibly the last one was a male horse.

It may be folklore/urban legend and it may it may not be. But the story that generated was she had a horse hoisted up and lowered down. The support mechanism broke and the horse fell on Catherine. Officially she died of a stroke – which may be true. Or not.

I can see how the elite of governing Russia, who ruled their serf class with an iron hand, would not want it on record that the leader of the leaders died while having sexual intercourse with a horse. It could be “revolting”.



Blogger kenju said...

Revolting is right. EW!

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