Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GOBAG minutes

The GOBAG meeting was pleasant yesterday evening. One pleasant thing was seeing an old friend, Bill Rampley, showed up on his own power. Bill has been very ill lately. But he has been taking treatments and yesterday looked very robust. Bill is also a big man. Looking robust and as big as he is, if threatened to beat up everybody in the house the house would soon be vacant leaving only Bill and the waitress with a bunch of unpaid bar-tabs.

Also, on the video you might see in the title that the word GOBA is used and not GOBAG. You might think it is another error on my part. Wait! Maybe not. What does GOBAG stand for? It is an anagram for Good Old Boys and Girls. So, what would it be if no girls show up? GOBA for "Good Old Boys And…”

So, there you go!

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