Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite!!

How would the above be for a title of new Hollywood horror-thriller movie?

We have been hearing on the news lately that the bedbug epidemic is becoming a national concern. New York City, so I read, is infested terribly with the little varmints. Because New York is sort of a hub, the bedbugs are finding homes to raid all over the USA.

Of course the politicians and organizations that make their way in life by packaging fear will have a new target; a new purpose.

No bed, no house, no human is safe from being covered with bedbugs. And they are hard to get rid of. According to Google research bedbugs don’t eat you, they suck blood out of you and leave big opened sores.

On my walk this morning I was thinking it might make a good horror movie. In one scene there is a bed infested with bedbugs so thick the bed quivers like a living creature… then show an actress getting ready for bed, unaware of the quivering bed she is about to climb into. Somebody in the audience, who gets absorbed in movies jumps up and hollows at the screen: “DON’T GET INTO THAT BED!!!”

But of course she doesn’t hear the warning and climbs into bed. The next scene will show close-ups of the little creatures crawling and chomping. There will be screams from the audience.

What is a good horror flick without a good sexy scene? We will see a young actress, who hasn’t made a name for herself yet, climb into bed and the bedbugs leap on her, which she jumps out of bed and try to shake the bedbugs off, then she quickly get rid of her pj’s, still shaking her body . That would be reason enough for many men to buy a ticket.

To keep it in balance we need a shaking young man too.

I hear the ticket booth’s cash register chinging in my mind now.

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