Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gotcha Goscha*!

This is my late friend Eddie Goscha/ Meek. He lived the first part of his life with his stepfather’s surname Goscha and after he became an adult he changed it to his late real father’s surname Meek.

The picture was taken in 1991 at Midway Methodist Church between Alpharetta and Cummings at Anna’s grandmother Irene Foster’s funeral. Eddie was related to some of Irene Foster’s descendants who was also his Meek kin. He was paying his respects.

Eddie made it plain that when he died he said he did not want any kind of service at all or even an obituary. I respect his wishes but also respect his paying his respects to Mrs. Irene Foster.

I used to partially run around with Eddie and his cousin Jimmy Pat Presley in grammar and high schoodl. Eddie and Jimmy Pat lived on Phillips Drive. Eddie did not have the cruel streak in him like Jimmy Pat did. But Eddie and Jimmy Pat both had an excellent sense of humor. They are both dead now.
The last time I saw Eddie was in 2000. I had gone to the Central Library in downtown Marietta on my lunch break from the Census. Eddie was walking out. He told me came up to the library everyday to go on line to check his stocks. He was as jovial as he was as a kid.

*The above title has more of a splash effect than Gotcha Meek!

Sorry Eddie, I couldn’t help myself.

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I would have changed my name too.

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