Friday, September 10, 2010

Fuzzy St. John and Lash LaRue

On this date in history, September 10, 1893, Al “Fuzzy” St. John was born in Santa Ana, California.

Fuzzy had a lot of fans in Marietta, especially among the young Saturday morning Strand Theater movie going crowd. On the big silver screen he kept us laughing and howling. He was a regular Charlie Chaplin; an excellent body-language mime, except Fuzzy talked and fussed a lot.

One time Fuzzy came through Marietta. Exactly why, I do not know. I know. It may have had something to do with another well-known cowboy, Lash LaRue, Fuzzy’s sidekick, who also had a stay in Marietta about the same time. When Lash was in town he was down and out. It was about the same time period.

At the time, my father was chief of the Cobb County Police. One evening he met Mr. St. John.

Fuzzy died in 1963, which were not too many years after his Marietta visit. He lived about 70 years.

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