Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Day in History - OK

Today in history is the first time known in recorded history that the initials or word OK was used. March 23, 1839, Boston’s Morning Post used OK for oll correct.

Okay, OK, O.K., Oh Kay, Oki (Doki), Okey (Dokey), Oky (Doky) and AOK, derived from it.

And in the 1950s Kay’s Jewelers came up with the jingle:

It is OK
to Owe Kay

I took their word for it. I was in high school with a part time job at the time. I went to their store on the corner of Atlanta Street and South Park Square, where Williams & Ferrell Drug Store once was, and charged a manual Royal typewriter and have been banging on a keyboard ever since. See?

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