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Look! Yes We Have No Pictures! also Willow

While waiting on someone to fix the blogger uploading system let me type some-this- and- thats.

Yesterday we went to the Annual Cobb County Library Sale at Jim Miller park. We carried Willow. While Anna went inside and shopped Willow and I wandered around the park. This is the park that the county fair is held every September. It is a huge place with some big buildings, it seems they are always hosting something.

Willow and I wandered away from the building the book sale was held at and down a hill and came upon a little lake, or big pond. Several people were fishing. It was a nice day to do something like that. In fact, someone must have liked the idea of hanging out beside a body of water, they brought their huge recreation vehicle. An awning was up, hanging from the huge RV and an lady was in a recliner. She was not getting sun because she was under the shade of the awning. I guess she just like to lazily hang out by a lake (or pond).

Then we went shopping for premium dogfood at Pet Co. I shudder every time I see a retail store, like Pet Co with those motion sensor sliding doors. The day we got Willow from the Atlanta Humane Society we stopped by Petsmart to buy Willow some food and toys. While shopping, somehow the humane society's leash slipped off her neck and she realized it about the same time I did. She didn't know us yet and I think might have been mistreated before - I'm not sure she trusted any human beings.

She took off running in the store and I took off chasing her. She ran to the light of the outside which she could see through the motion sensor sliding glass doors. When she got closer, the doors obligingly slid opened and out in the parking lot she went.

Out in the parking lot we chased her and could not catch her. She is fast runner. Some employees in the store and some customers came out to help and we were running all over the shopping center chasing her as she zigged zagged between us. Most people would say she was panting - but I know she was laughing.

A Petsmart employee on her lunch break came up and parked. She was eating chicken nuggets. She saw the crowd running after a dog and it was headed her way. She stepped out of her car and held her hand with a chicken nugget in it out towards Willow. Willow stopped to take her up on her offer. GOTCHA!

That was two and three quarters year ago. Time has changed things. Now, I am the abusee and Willow is the abuser. But in due time she will have trained the way she wants me.

When we got home it was almost 5:00pm. On the spur of the moment we decided to go to Canton to the Kennesaw Blue Grass concert. I know, I know, Kennesaw Blue Grass is held at the Arts Center in Canton. I don’t know why. It used to be held in Kennesaw.

Why don’t they just change the name? It appeared that there is a different management team and mostly different performers. I will discuss more about that in a blog some day.

We drove to Canton. I forgot how hilly of a town Canton is. All those hills with homes and business buildings down at the foot of hills and up on top of hills and the curved road make the town a nice scenic drive.

We ate at Williamson Brothers Barbecue in Canton. Same brothers as in Marietta. In another room a middle-aged biker gang was holding a birthday party. They were all dressed in their leathers and denim and little patches, and whatever else is their standard uniform to look different. They kept coming in and out.

When we were leaving we went out in the parking lot and a couple of the bikers were out having a smoke. A flat bed wrecker pulled up with a dirty beat up (I think) ‘55 red and white Chevvy on it. The two bikers were impressed. Two men got out of the truck, I suppose to go in an eat and one of the bikers said, “Who’s car is that?”

And one of the men said, “Yours!” That hit me unexpected and funny.

The concert was held at a the Art Center, which used to be big church. It is just about a block from the courthouse. Next to the Art Center is a hilly cemetery with old tombstones in it… it looks inviting for some nice photographs. I’ll try to remember it.

The concert was supposed to have two bluegrass bands. One cancelled out for some an unknown reason to us, but the one that did perform was great.

They are called THE PEACHTREE STATION. For their website is click here

The sanctuary was pretty much full, but a lot of people were there for a bluegrass concert – maybe 70% capacity.

The audience was not the people we were used to going to bluegrass concerts. For a while I thought we were almost the youngest people in the room. Mostly, they appeared to be retired professional people with a few yuppy couples here and there.

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Blogger Deborah Wilson said...

You said:

*Most people would say she was panting - but I know she was laughing.*

Yeah, she was laughing! Sissy, the family dog, laughs at me all of the time - like when she runs from me or when she dug my watermelons up last summer! Sat right there grinning at me...Ironically, those melons started growing better.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Deborah Wilson said...

p.s. - Canton. 25 years ago, Canton was nothing - there was hardly anything there. Try to check out the cemetery if you can. There's a few that I'm going to do out Paulding Co. way - I meant to do them last year but every chance that I had it was raining.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I remember 42 years ago (shortly after we got married) we went to visit Anna's friend who was in a little small hospital on top of the hill. I think a big cotton mill at the foot of the hill was the focal point of the town.
Yeah, I have several things to do that I have filed away in my head. My bucket list.

11:06 AM  

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