Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The GOBAG Get Some Sheriff Hug Points

Top picture: Jackie Gaskin, Homer, and Neil Warren. 2nd picture down: Homer and Neil Warren.

Sheriff Neil Warren paid the GOBAG a visit today. He was all smiles and shaking hands. Is it almost election time? Seriously folks, the Sheriff knew many of the GOBAG already,which isn't surprising. He was in the neighborhood and was magnetized to a crowd of people standing. No seriously folks, he was in the neighborhood because somebody was having some kind of campaign kickoff upstairs in the American Legion. They were having quail. Former sheriff Bill Hutson was up at the top of the hill, or some may think that he was up on the horizon... but he didn't come down and shake hands and get a hug from Homer...because he was way up there.

Lloyd Brown Coursey is not in any of the pictures. That is proof he was not at the GOBAG meeting. That is also proof Monty Calhoun wasn't there either, and he cooked the hambugers! Neither was Paul Roper. Me neither.

As you can tell by this picture and other GOBAG pictures Homer loves to touch when he communicates with people. Or some may say, "Grab a feel."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone knows Homer is blind ... I made the mistake by telling him I was Harry.

1:03 PM  

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