Monday, March 08, 2010

1957 OLYMPIAN - Cover and Dedication

Before you start on the 1957 OLYMPIAN I want to check to make sure you got a good rest Sunday. You didn't have to check in to see what pages were in the OLYMPIAN for the day and did you recognize them or not. And apparently many of you knew not to check in. Attendance was way down Sunday. it must have been something I said.

The dedication for 1957 was Mrs. Dobbins. I didn't have her but at a distance she seemed very nice and considerate to her students. And also seemed t listen to them. I think her classroom was on the ground floor of the Winn Street Building, at the end of the hall, on the south end.



Anonymous G said...

yikes, she was one of the home-ec teachers. I got an "E" in her class because I refused to model the skirt I made.

the other home-ec teacher's name started with a "W" ... west maybe.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I don't believe Mrs. Dobbins ever taught home-ec.

The two teachers I know of were Mary Higgins and Martha Webb.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


I typed something and went back to make an additional remark and my first remark wasn't there. I demand to complain to the administrator of this blog!

Anyway, what I wanted to say is I don't think Mrs. Dobbins ever taught home-ec, she was a science teacher.

The two teachers that taught home-ec were Higgins and Webb.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Webb, that's it! I had her for cooking ... nice lady.
And you is right, Mrs. Higgins was the other one ... a snarly ol bat.
There, I feel better now :)

Do you remember the sweetest teacher of all --- Mr. Roney or Roni whatever? He was an elderly man who taught Latin.

2:25 PM  

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