Sunday, March 07, 2010

EC Gang

Above is a picture drawn by Will Elder showing most of the principle players that were at EC Comics.

There are several EC gang pictures drawn by various EC artists. Some were handed out to each as gifts and some were handed out to fans who joined their fan clubs or thanked them for writing, and some were for publication.

My friend Pappy sent me the above print. He didn't tell me he was sending it, it just showed up in the mail one day last week.

Also, about a week ago Pappy visitors to his blog site hit over one million. When he emailed me that I looked and it was something like 1,000,330 visitors so far. I looked at my own counter and saw that the same time my visitation had hit slightly over 160,000.

To see Pappy's Golden Age Comicsblog click here

We started blogging about the same time, his visitors are about nine to one over me. Good for Pappy! He deserves to have that many visitors. Pappy is a perfectionist and he knows comics and the stories behind the scenes more than anyone I have met.

For a recent interview of Pappy click here

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