Thursday, December 11, 2008

WRNG RADIO Came and it Went

Cash only, nice doing business with you, and watch your back. That is the way of pulling off a good deal quickly, which off-hand I am thinking of Craig’s List.

Recently we have dealt with Craig’s List on several occasions. It is a simple – you want something you are willing to pay for and someone near you, unknown to you, has that something for sale. Or visa-versa. It is just a matter of getting you two to bump noses.

What a neat new concept. Well, it may not be all that new – want ads have been in newspapers for years. I guess, it is not a new concept, but with the Internet results seems to be quicker – we have found out in only hours we got results.

This instant apply and get an instant reply reminds of a radio station in the Atlanta area in the early 1970s with the call letters WRNG AM. Or it may have been WRING, but I think it was the first. WRING hosted talk the call-in-athon all day long. They had a good news program, nationally and locally, and had various call in shows for various tastes. I remember they had two ladies Mickey and Teddy who hosted their liberal call-in-show who were very good at proving a point and of course for an equal balance was the conservative right-wing call-in show. I think I remember a professional gardener had a show, as well as a home maintenance hour, and of course a pet hour.

On weekends they had BARTERNG (catch the RNG) hour or two on both days. The concept was that if you had something to sell you call and speak out in the airwaves and leave your telephone number. And if someone liked what you had to offer they called and made arrangements to see this thing.

We gave away a puppy that way, but not without receiving one abusive call making suggestive sexual remarks. Jerk!

WRNG Radio was a powerful voice for several years with a big appeal. But something happened – maybe the novelty wore off it – it sort of withered away…. I’m sure there is a story why.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

We have one here on Virginia's Eastern Shore, too. They are very successful. People sell their stuff. Never used it but interesting to listen to in the comfort of the Grand Marquis when the BW is shopping.

Need to try Craig's List. Our daughter sold her car through it. Ain't the computer grand?

7:32 AM  
Blogger ET said...

We used Craig's List yesterday to sell some Harry Connick, Jr., tickets we had... I am too sick to go.
There is always the possibility the person you are meeting has evil plans - like take the money and run, or take you and run, or what.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember when Ludlow Porch and Neal Boortz were broadcasting on WRNG back around 1968-69?

They certainly were the forerunners of talk radio in that era and area.

2:28 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I always liked Ludlow Porch but liked his books even better. I guess you know that he and Lewis Grizzard were cousins.
Hmmm... I don't remember Neal Boortz on WRING. That doesn't mean he wasn't, I just didn't pay that much attention to their conservative right-wing announcers.
Not long ago I heard Neal on a short drive and find myself agreeing with everything he said - it was time to change that dial.
I am really more of a middle of the roader than I appear.

3:06 PM  

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