Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Mary the Wave

click on picture for larger boobs.
When I was in the Navy our helicopter squadron (HU-4) had no Waves. HU-4 was a seagoing squadron. Then, females were kept off ships. Now, I think many of the ships are coed vessels.

However, our squadron’s home was at NAS Lakehurst, New Jersey. There were a lot of waves… well, maybe not a lot, but you would see them in the chow hall, or when you had to go to the base personnel office, or to the dentist…. They were still a rare breed and I couldn’t help keeping my eyes off them… why did they join the Navy? I often wondered.

Finally a wave name Mary started drinking with us at the EM club. She had more masculine mannerisms than we did…. She had a great wit. One time after lights out, which I think was at 10:00pm, visited our barracks with the help of Don…. They had too much to drink at the EM Club and she came in on a dare.

She was always taking a chance which some of it got her in tight spots – like the time a SP patrolman tried to rape her in the back of his gray SP Security Van…. But he got caught right in the nick of time by his fellow-SPs and I think he got into trouble. I’ll have to tell that story some time… or maybe I already have… yep, I think I have.

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Blogger Si's blog said...

I clicked.

Back in '58, they did not put female swab jockeys on tin cans. Snipes, either. Had enough trouble with the bos'ns as it is.

Did you hear the old saying "Join the Navy and ride the Waves."?

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