Saturday, December 13, 2008

Be Careful of Who You Meet

Getting back to Craig’s List, and similar transactions: I think in just about every situation that a deal is made on the phone to sell something in cash it is for your best interest to well, lookout for your ass. There may be a secret agent nearby to grab the money or merchandise and run. So, naturally, you would want to make the transaction as much in the public as possible. Because believe it or not, not everybody are angels.

In 1995 The Atlanta Braves were in the World Series. I Googled this to make sure of the date. A then-co-worker’s son somehow came across a bunch of World Series tickets. I think the serve held back a couple for him and his dad and put the others up for sale, in the want-ads I suppose.

Some guy called him and they agreed on a price and where to meet for the exchange: On North Avenue in Atlanta at a BP Station across from the Varsity.

They met and before the money and tickets could swap hands the purchaser pulled out a very big knife and demanded the tickets without payment. My friend’s son anticipated something like that may happen and just as quick pulled out a gun.

The stood facing each other, each with their weapon of choice. I think the person running the BP Station probably called 911 and they arrived.

Needless to say, the deal was cancelled. I forgot the details. But I think the bad guy was arrested and the son was let go with his tickets, which he sold to somebody else.

As the roll-call Sergeant in Hill Street Blues used to say, “Be careful out there.”

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Blogger Si's blog said...

Folks blame the computer for all of modern ills. The porn was there before, pedophilia, scams, etc. It all comes out into the open faster and more often. And the internet allows faster and easier access. But it don't really change things none, nohow, nowhere.

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