Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Received the Highest Honor...

Above - Notice the fine detailed art work by Wallace Wood.

I was given a life-time membership of the now defunct EC FAN-ADDICT CLUB yesterday by Pappy. He knows how much I am an EC Addict.

I have been a EC-Fan since the 7th grade (1952) when Archie R. introduced me to MAD comicbook #4 which first story was SUPERDUPERMAN illustrated by Wallace Wood. There was also story lampooning THE SHADOW illustrated by Will Elder.

The comic was a rebel – it poked fun of everything – sacred or not. It was freewheeling with seemingly so restrictions. I dropped all school work and projects and concentrated on swooping up the back issues of MAD and always looking for new issues.

And by then I discovered EC publishing Company that published MAD also had a line of Horror, War, and Science Fictions comics. I had to have them all.

My life changed. I almost failed the 7th grade.

The EC FAN-ADDICT CLUB was going strong when I first learned of the comicbooks but I think it cost $2 to join. Who had that kind of money.

So, now, late in life, I think I have the $2 fee almost saved up and I was giving a life time membership.

My first thought was being proud… then my second thought was “didn’t the EC fan club disband when the comics quit publishing?”

And my 3rd thought was “It doesn’t matter – being a EC Fan is a state of mind that indeed is for a lifetime.

Thanks Pappy!

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