Friday, April 28, 2017

We Don't Get Out Often

I feel the downtown streets of Marietta are my comfort zone.  I was born on Atlanta Street, two blocks from the Square.  I knew where the best junk yards to play rocket-ship in and so on.  So every time I come here it is like I was tossed into yester-year.

A night on the town.  First a salad at Marietta Pizza then for dessert was a special kind of animal crackers that was either sugar free, glutton free, or something that were handed off as free samples as we entered the park.
We decided last year it is just too crowded in Glover Park itself.  So, we sat on the Cobb County Government building sidewalk in folding chairs  to listen to  THE HEADLINERS, which was billed as "Beach and Oldies".  Pretty good.  Check out a couple of lines below:


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