Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Our Man Flynn

Yesterday we had lunch at the Daily Bread.  Whenever we are near the hospital around lunch time we eat at  the Daily Bread on Rose Lane.  Their lunch items are delicious.
When we entered there were a bunch of uniformed policemen ahead of us in line.  The last one in line turned around and said to us if we were two minutes earlier we would be in front of the line.  He introduced himself as the Deputy Chief of Marietta Police ( but I already forgot his name).
Then I asked him was Dan Flynn still the chief.  He said, "Yes, and there he is"  (pointing at the uniformed officer and the head of the line).  I would have never recognized him.
I said I met Dan Flynn and his wife at a Civil War Hospital tour in downtown Marietta a few years ago.
He called Dan over and Dan did not remember me but he did remember the Civil War Hospital Tour.  That figures (whimpers the invisible man).
I also reminded  him we talked about him being chief of the Savannah Police before coming to Marietta.  He remembered us talking about that.  And also that my father had his job back about in the early 1950s.
The Deputy Chief said he wished my dad could come back now and see how everything has changed.  I said I do too, but not for the same reason.
The Deputy Chief asked was my dad's picture up on the wall at the Police Station.   I said, "Yes, between Earnest  Sanders and Earnest Sanders".*
*Earnest Sanders resigned and became the trips and  departing times announcer at the newly built Greyhound Bus Station at Anderson, Roswell, and Green Streets (it paid more than being chief of the police). And after Daddy left to be Chief of Cobb County Police, the city asked Earnest Sanders to come back.

Also I threw in my Uncle Dick Hunter was Mayor of Marietta.  And I wasn't  sure if I should have said my uncle Herbert Hunter, owner of Hunter's Barber Shop called all the shots of  Representative Harold Willingham's legislative votes or not - when I doubt, I keep my mouth shut.

Chief Dan Flynn on Marietta Civil War Hospitals Tour


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