Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Like Lighthouses

These are lighthouses we saw on our trip down the North Carolina Outer Banks Coast several years ago.
When I think of lighthouses, I think of a family that lived around the corner from us.  They moved now.  One time I helped an elderly late  neighbor Jim   with my pickup truck get a large French looking cabinet he  bought at a garage sale around the corner.  Once inside the house I saw in the living room bay window was a big display of little miniature light houses of all styles.    I was looking at them and the man of the house said, "I like light houses."
No shit?!
When we pulled away with the big piece of furniture Jim laughed, saying the guy was a nut having such a large collection of light houses. 
I thought look who talking, who has hoarded good buys at yard sales you can hardly move around in his enclosed carport.   Jim had weedeaters,  lawnmowers, blowers,  pressure washers,  chain-saws, and each has a story of how cheap he paid for it.  But the fact he would have never use them, they, in my book, was very expensive.
Other people have toy train sets with little tiny villages built  that run over their basement;  sweet little Barbie and Ken Dolls;  houses full of barking rescued dogs; antiques; and on and on.
And I am no better with MAD and MAD related publication; genealogy related stuff, and photographs.

What's your compulsion?


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