Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller  Center about 1965.  When I was in the Navy stationed in Lakehurst, NJ, we went to New York City, about as often as we dropped our hats.

If someone new came to our squadron we were sure to show them around the Big Apple.  It was more for us than them.  It made us look like we were in the know.

We had them fool for a while, anyway.

Dick Hyatt and Ray Schultz.  This is walkway between Rockefeller Center and Radio Music Hall.  

Radio City Music All is on the back side of Rockefeller Center.  The Rocketts!  Oooh La La!
(It just occurred to me why they are called The Rocketts- after Rockefeller - 50 years later, now I get it!)

Don Lash taking pictures in the center of Times Square, which is just around the corner from Radio City Music Hall

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