Thursday, April 20, 2017

Channel 46 News Asks the Invisible Man His Opinion

A news reporter and her cameraman for Channel 46 stopped us in the Kroger parking lot and ask if they could ask us some questions about politics and recent election.
We reluctantly agreed. First they asked Anna questions and she honestly told them her opinion.
Which was partly on the channel 46 6 O'Clock news this evening.
Then they asked me and I ranted and raved and spouted off.
As they were parting from us I told them when they edited it, to "Be kind."
They did, they did not show me at all.  That was kindness.
The Invisible Man Strikes Again!.

Anna said a lot, but they edited it down to a short sentence about  being sick and tired of Political Robo-calls.  We saw it on the  news and found it on their website, but it was in with about five minutes of  others clips, so I could not figure out how to get it on here.


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