Friday, April 21, 2017

Roanoke, North Carolina, Lost Colony

The above three pictures showing the mounds of dirt and a couple of worn trails are just about all the physical evidence of Roanoke, North Carolina, Lost Colony.
About a hundred feet away is a parking lot and a nice museum but I doubt either was there which before the Lost Colonists became "Lost".
Above this paragraph is a  Wikapedia link about the lost colony and the facts.  But the bottom line nobody has any idea what happened to them, except the colonists themselves and maybe the neighboring Native Americans, that is.
But I have two possible explanations:

1.  Click on the pictures to make them larger.  See the many foot prints in the dirt?  Has anybody thought to follow those footprints to see where they lead?

2.  The link will tell you were two neighboring Native American tribes were:  the Secotars and the Crocoans.
Maybe the two tribes had total different philosophies on how to treat outsiders and were angrily divided. Maybe the leader of one declared NO IMMIGRANTS ALLOWED!  GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

And the Colonists  walked out into the Outer Banks waters and disappeared.  



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