Saturday, April 22, 2017

Today's Dog Park Report
This morning was a nice morning for the dog park.  Usually on weekends three to five people show up with their pets about 9 A.M but one weekends more come, maybe a dozen or more.
This morning a lady in the parking lot on the other side of the fence asked me if there is a place to take small dogs.  I showed her the gate that said "SMALL DOGS".
She had her family with her: a husband, another grown up and about three or four kids.  They had two dogs, one was a little puppy and the other one was a little dog.
In the SMALL DOG section their two dogs stood at the fence and looked at the dogs on our side.  They looked envious. The lady and her family decided to come over.  They entered through  the gate very reluctantly and carefully.  They kept their dogs on leashes.
John suggested to them to take their leashes off so they could run and have a good time.  They asked would it be dangerous?  We said NO all the dogs like new comers.
(fresh meat)
The leashes were unfastened and bigger old time dogs gathered around the two little dogs and liked them and tried to get them to play.
Then Ellwood, a highly energized dog, mounted one of the small dogs.
Rhoadie, a overgrown puppy himself, followed Ellwood's example and mounted the other one and started hunching.
The family with three or four kids, all kept a plain non-expressive faces during this time.
Ellwood's and Rhoadie's   owners pulled the dogs off.
Then several of the dogs starting howling.  Every time certain dogs are present the chemistry is just right for howling and singing.

About that time the new family put the leashes back on their small canines.  As they were leaving John said, "Comeback when your dogs learn how to sing."


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