Friday, April 14, 2017

Boyd McKeown, The Music Man

Boyd McKeown.  This picture was taken at a Good Old Boys Meeting.  Not long after he remarried (at almost age 90).
He was the  Director of the Marietta High School Band during my time at the school, and  years before and after that.
About a month ago we attended a spring  concert of the Cobb County Orchestra at the Lassiter High School Concert Hall.  Boyd was one of the guest conductors.   
The leader of concert that day, a Lassiter High School Band Director himself, now retired, gave a speech about Boyd McKeown, about he being responsible for all the good things that has happened to music education in Cobb County.
Now, just recently I read that they are naming the new concert hall in Marietta in his honor.
On a personal note, at a Varner's Reunion in 2013, I think, Boyd sought me out, shook my hand,  and thanked me for putting out  the "Chicken-fat" blog saying he loved reading it.
The next time I saw him he introduced himself to me like we had never met and when I mentioned "chicken-fat" he asked what was that.

Aahh, the price of anonymity .



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