Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Movie the FOUNDER, checking out

Is it FOUNDER or FOUNDERS?  I suppose it is who you ask.
The movie is about the rapid growth of the McDonalds' franchise.  (mistakenly I typed "rabid" growth of McDonalds'  franchise - that could be considered correct too".
The McDonald Brothers Mack an Dick were born in New England.  They wanted to run their own business jointly.  They tried numerous ventures, from movie theaters and some minor restaurants.
They ended up in California with a hamburger joint.  The hamburger joint was planned carefully.  Space cost money, preparing foods  took space, so logically they figured the less items on the menu the less space.  They sold hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes and no sitting area.  It was all ordered "to go."
The lines were out to the street.  Mac and Dick McDonald kept a close watch on how the food was cooked and made changes as they went.  It was a small business the community could be proud of.
Back to the milkshake machine.  With lines all the way to the street they needed a more productive milk-shake spinner.  They ordered six milkshake spinners from sales representative Ray Kroc.  He called the McDonald brothers to verify they wanted six.  They said they changed their mind, mike it 8.
Ray was intrigued.  He dropped everything and drove down Rout 66 to see this restaurant that ordered 8 milkshake spinners. 
When he drove up the little restaurant with no seating had long lines.  He was impressed and wanted to get in on it.
But the McDonald brothers wanted none of it.  They did not want to expand their business or menu items.
If you want to know Ray Kroc build a huge McDonald franchise worth billions and leaving the MDonald brothers with their one store with no royalties rights, and no legal right to use their real name McDonald's rent the movie, I am not going to ruin it for you.

"If you sue me, you might win, but again, paying for legal fees might break you first."   I am paraphrasing a line in the movie.  I heard  almost that same line when a disgruntle contractor  was alleging  quoting Trump when it was reported he did not pay the full price to a contractor that was agreed on.  Strange.

If Trump really did refused to pay the agreed amount  knowing the short- paid person or company could not afford legal fees to get their money he possibly could sue Ray Kroc, for using his method without written permission.

It was directed by John Lee Hancock and starred Michael Keaton as Ray Krog, Nick Offerman as Dick McDonald (Parks and Recreation), John Carroll Lynch as Mac McDonald, and Laura Dern as Ethel Kroc, Kroc's wife)  


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