Friday, March 17, 2017

Tribute to Joe Stewart from Tuba Skinny

I told you my late friend Joe Stewart, who died last week, was into big New Orleans jazz, namely the focusing on Tuba Skinny ragtime band.

Joe and I spent many emails talking about the band and in particularly the two female members Shaye and Erika.  We were amazed at their musical abilities.
Here is an email from Brad Verter, who is organizing the memorial,  I received today.

 Today at 3:11 PM
Joe B. Stewart was deeply devoted to a New Orleans band called Tuba Skinny, and wrote about them frequently on his blog:
When he passed, I wrote to the band's leader, Shaye Cohn (if you're a jazznik, you'll have heard of her grandfather, Al Cohn) and requested that she dedicate a song in Joe's memory at their next set.  She went above and beyond, assembling the band to records a spiritual to play at his wake.  It's online at: v=6gEOOUxPI2o
Even if you never met Joe, you'll be touched by the song.  I was moved to tears.

An old softie,



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