Thursday, March 30, 2017

Oh Me!

This morning, I woke up about 4:30 like I do most mornings.  I took Willow for a short bathroom walk, then came back and did some emails and got ready for the pool.
We usually arrive at the pool a few minutes after their opening time, 6:00am.
Routinely we arrived, about 6:10, maybe a few minutes off.  I reached for my wallet to get our membership cards to have them scan them and guess what?  No wallet.
The person on duty on the desk knew us.  He looked us up on the computer and manually inserted our presence.
All during my swimming exercises today I worried about my wallet.  I think I was slightly out of my routine assembly of things, which probably threw me off forgetting my wallet.  I was sure it was home where I left it, so I was not worried about where my wallet was.
What I did worry about  was the two mile drive home afterwards.  Anna did not have her wallet either.  We just had the bathing suits and towels.  I heard they lock up people that get caught without their driving licenses.  I didn't have my clothes, only a wet bathing suit. 
Would I be standing in jail holding the bars in nothing but my bathing suit.  Would it be too late for breakfast?
Oh me!
It is a two mile drive to the house and have to go through one school zone with a 25mph speed limit  and four red lights.  What if I break a traffic law and cops pull me over.  Well, I will obey all rules as to not give them a reason to pull me over.
But what if someone hits me?  Even though it is not my fault,  I would still have to show my license.
We made it home.



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