Wednesday, March 15, 2017

People Watching

At the doctors' office waiting room today we immediately recognized one of Cobb County's long time leaders.  He is still a lawyer, he has been city and county attorneys, and a state representative 
Watching him I remembered reading he used to love to dance and one time almost got into a fight with a Cobb co-legislator Harold Willingham.  But he looks too stiff to dance or fight now.
For his age he looked remarkably good.  Good posture and all.  Although, he could not turn to look at someone without turning his whole body, he might be having spine problems.  His heavy dark coat was buttoned up all the way to the neck, if he had on a bow-tie I did not see it.

With him was his care keeper, a lady much shorter than he is.  The care keeper, being a care keeper, knew about health matters.  One of those health matters was that a medical waiting rooms is probably pretty much infested with germs.  She had a medical mask on.

She also knew if you touch anything sterilize your hands.  She pressed the elevator button and squirted some cleanser from a dispenser onto her hands and rubbed her hands together to get the cream worked in.  She told him to do the same.  She showed him how to use the dispenser and he squirted the antiseptic  cream onto his hands.  He looked horrified.  She told him to rub it in by rubbing his hands.  He looked around to wipe his hands on something, still looking horrified. 
She looked at him and told him something and he calmed down and rubbed his hands together.
The elevator came and they entered it and away they went.

He had trust in his care taker.


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