Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

I suppose these pictures speak for themselves.  By the name you know it is where the Wright Brothers had their first flight with their homemade flying machine, December 17, 1903.  It is right next to the Atlantic Ocean, with the sea winds blowing constantly.  I'm sure the winds helped, like my granddaddy helped getting me started riding my new bicycle for the first time.
Speaking of bicycles did you know the Wright Brothers owned and operated a bike shop in Ohio?

Although another inventor, a in-law relative of mine, actually invented his flying machine first.  See below.

Micajah Clark Dyer (1822-1891) was the father of Joseph Washington Dyer, who married Emaline E. Lance, my fist cousin 3 times removed..

Here is what I have on Micajah Clark Dyer:

Because of the circumstances Micager was raised by his uncle Micajah Clark Dyer, Sr.
He was considered a mechanical genius.  He was beleived to be the first person in Union County to have running water, using hollow trees and later metal pipes, by gravity flow.  He invented and patented a perpetual motion machine, that he after he died, was offered $30,000, for it, but his son Mancil refused.  He also built a flying machine, small, that was reported to fly.  After his death Morena sold the model to Redwine Brothers in Atlanta.
THE UNION COUNTY HERITAGE 1832-1994, art #410 by Patricia Davis Everett.

Above:  Inventor Micajah Clark Dyer's grave, in Old Choestoe Baptist Cemetery in Union County, Ga.


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