Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jeane, Alton, and Terry

2006 Bell Reunion

Yesterday at Krogers I ran into Jeane, pictured with her brother Alton (center) and Terry.
She updated me on her brothers.  I remember another time a few years ago I ran into Jeane at Brandi's Hotdogs and as we gorged ourselves with dogs and spicy chili she again updated me.
Somehow, I don't remember the course of the conversation in Brandi's that day but we centered on a certain aunt of her's that lived on Powell-Wright Road, and when I heard her name, being the postal employee I was, I immediately told her aunt's house number.
I am not that smart, but her aunt lived at the edge of where one route ended and another one begin, and her mail  should be delivered for to the other carrier but it wasn't, so we had to watch out for it to hand it over to the other.
Also that same  aunt years ago on Kincaid Road drove by just after I slid in the snow and into a ditch.  She got out with ropes and chains and pulled me out.

A Small world.


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