Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gentrification and the Runaway Tricycle

The Clay Homes, Marietta, Ga 132 low income families

Same area, space Clay Homes bulldozed away.

Same area space, upscale townhouses

This huge vacant lot was the homes of 132 low income families.  It was The Clay Homes Projects.  I lived there about six years.
Now it is the home of upscale townhouses.
That is Gentrification.

Same area space upscale townhouses are being built.

This is the hilly drive that led from the back of Western Auto Store and Marietta Provision on Atlanta Street to Waddell Street in front  of Pete Steele's Store. 
When I was four or five years old I learned if going down a hill on my tricycle if I raised my feet f the pedals I could coast. And the steeper the hill the faster I would go.
I was doing just that going down this hill when everything went black. 

I woke up on our couch with everybody around me. 

A lady driving down Waddell hit me and sent me flying.  It was completely my fault or dumbness.


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